We are closed now, and might reopen when the world is back to normal (has it ever been?)


Contrary to all other escape rooms and VR centers, in our space all players are in their own 6'x10' curtained area, separated from other players, so there is automatic social distancing.
Social distancing is also required before and after the game.
Only your party will be playing, the space will not be shared with other players.


Everybody needs to wear a mask inside our space, at all times.


After each usage our VR headsets and controllers are cleaned with 90% isopropyl alcohol.
Hand sanitizer is available.

Time for cleaning

Each time slot is now 2 hours, giving us one hour to fully clean the space and equipment between games.


We allow re-scheduling of your game. If one person in your team is not feeling well, has flu symptoms (even mild) like coughing, sneezing, or fever, please call us and re-schedule your game.
We reserve the right to cancel a game, and re-schedule it, for any reason, for example if one person presents flu symptoms.


The maximum number of players for the moment is 4.
You have the whole space for you. If you book for only two, there won't be any other players at the same time, only your group.