What is Virtual Reality (VR)?
Virtual Reality (or VR) is a technology that allows to immerse a person in a 3D world (virtual world.) A VR headset displays a different image for each eye, computed in real time on a computer at 90 frames per second, creating a 3D illusion of reality. The person can move naturally in the 3D world, look around and act on objects, giving an incredible feeling of immersion in an alternate world.
Do I need to book? How do I book?
Yes, as we have limited space, you need to book an adventure in advance.
Book your adventure on our Booking Page.
When you play the game, only the persons in your party will be with you in the game.
How long does a game last?
You will be immersed in virtual reality for about one hour.
How many people can play together?
There can be up to 8 players, with 4 together per game.
Is there an age limit?
The minimum age is 8.
I am prone to sea-sickness. Will VR make me sick?
Our games do not induce motion-sickness. We develop our games ourselves, and we've taken all the steps necessary to make sure our games will never give you any motion-scickness.
We are so confident you'll enjoy the game that we offer a full money-back guarantee.
How difficult are the games? Do I need to be a "gamer"?
Absolutely not, you don't need to be a gamer. Our games are designed to experience Virtual Reality in a fun way by everybody. Don't expect a "first shooter" type of game.
How different it is from watching a movie in 3D?
In a movie you are a spectator.
In our Virtual Reality games you are an actor.
You feel that you are inside the virtual world. As you move your head you see what is around and even behind you. With the controllers in your hands you can touch and move objects.
Some 3D movies can give you some dizziness. Our game is guaranteed not to give you any motion sickness.
Will I be in only one world?
In our first adventure you will visit four completely different virtual worlds: a space station, a magic tower, and a steampunk alternate reality.
Can I wear my glasses?
Yes, you can keep your distance glasses.
Can anybody see in 3D in VR?
Yes, if you can see in 3D in the real world, you can see in 3D in VR.
The computer renders two separate images, one for each eye, 90 times per second.
Is there a risk to hit other players?
No, every player is in its own empty space, so you can't hit other players.
What is a "collaborative" game?
The 4 players see each other in the game, and they can talk to each other. They need to play together to complete each mission. Sometimes you need to share clues that you find with the other members of your team.
Is it an "escape room"?
Yes and no. Our VR adventures share a few similarities with escape rooms: you play as a team, have a goal, and have one hour to complete this goal. But it is also very different: you are in completely impossible environments, like a space station where you can experience zero-gravity, or a magic world where you need to throw magic circles. The goal is not to "escape" from a room, but to fulfill missions in virtual worlds as if you were a special agent in our secret organisation.
The fun of playing together is the same as in an escape room, and we recommend you also try escape rooms, like:
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You are in Kaka'ako. What is the closest street art painting?
Kaka'ako is home to so many beautiful paintings! The closest one is at 753 Queen st..

What equipment do you use?
We use:
- Top of the line computers (intel+nvidia)
- HTC Vive VR headset and trackers
- HyperX Cloud sound headset.
Can I play the game in another location?
No. We have developed this game ourselves, and it is for the moment only available in our location in Kaka'ako, Honolulu.
We might open other locations on the mainland or other countires in the future.
Is it hygienic?
We carefully sanitize our headsets and controllers after each usage, with either alcohol (91%) or sanitizer liquid with at least 99.99% germ-killing efficiency. Some heasets are also equipped with single-use hygienic masks.
Each player is in its own area, separated from other players by opaque curtains.