Adventures in Virtual Reality

The Ultimate Experience

Immersed in an alternate 3D reality, your mission is to save the world!

Assemble your team and come have fun!

Virtual Reality Experience

Adventure VR is the first Virtual Reality Game Experience in Hawaii.
You will be immersed in virtual worlds for one hour, using the latest technology in VR.
You will live, feel and experience adventures in 3D worlds.
With your team, your mission will be to find and solve issues in these worlds.
A fun, safe and memorable interactive experience for all.
Our virtual worlds are 100% developed in our studio in Hawaii.

Latest VR Technology

For an Outstanding Immersion in 3D

What it is

Using cutting-edge Virtual Reality technology, you and your team will dive into 3D virtual worlds. You will not be a spectator, but an actor. With your remotes, you will interact with objects in each world, trying to find the clues to solve problems in a space station, in a world infused with magic or in a steampunk world. The concept is similar to an escape room, but VR allows to experience impossible places like a space-station or a steampunk world.

How it works

The game is played as a team of 1 to 4 adventurers, a team of 4 is optimal. You need to book in advance (there's a limited number of places.) Equipped with a headset and hand controllers, you will spend one hour with your friends in three alternate worlds. You will need to communicate with your team and share your discoveries. Some tasks are independent, others need the cooperation of all the members of the team. The game is designed to have fun and experience VR in a safe environment.

Who will enjoy it?

Groups of friends of all ages (8 to 80), families, couples, birthday parties, and companies who want a fun and enjoyable team bonding experience in a lighthearted atmosphere.
The game doesn't require to speak english.


Your first adventure includes 3 missions

Outer-space mission

outer space mission

Experience zero gravity on a far-away space station. The freedom of a friendly alien depends on you.

Magic Tower

magic mission

In a giant tower imbued with magic, throw crystals, magic circles, fire spells, climb to the top and save a crystal fairy.

Steampunk time

steampunk mission

High above the clouds, in a steampunk world of floating islands and steam-powered blimps, your mission, if you accept it, is to untangle time.


Virtual Worlds

Will you find the clues to save each world?


David M. (TripAdvisor)

As soon as it started I felt totally immersed in the other worlds and forgot about the headset on my head. The three different virtual worlds (I won't spoil it by giving too much detail) all have their own themes and puzzles to solve. It felt so real that at one point in a tower I was actually scared of falling off! The puzzles are lots of fun and some of them are cooperative (your teammates are represented by their different colored helmets). The whole thing took us about an hour to complete and we all had a blast.

Alvin P. (Yelp)

I've never had a VR experience until I came here and it was one of the greatest experiences I had with a video game. You're put into this different world that challenges your ability to solve puzzles and work as a team in some levels. The way its set up reminds me of like a breakout room. I recommend going with a couple friends for a weekend and just have a great time. I think they take parties of 4. But overall I think this place is amazing and I look forward to what they have in stored in the future.

Emily P. (TripAdvisor)

This place is AMAZING!!! My first real VR experience, and it was everything I was hoping it would be. I went with friends as a group of 4, and the experience assigned each player to a color. You work with your friends to complete a variety of tasks and achieve a goal. The graphics are amazing, and I felt totally immersed within the world. The gravity/weight of the objects you hold in the VR world are so real; I was thoroughly impressed. 10/10 would come back again; I totally recommend it to anyone who is considering trying VR.


Where we are

We are in Kaka'ako

Free parking available


760 Halekauwila St. Suite #208, 96813 Honolulu

+1 (808) 386-3567


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Who we are

Our team is composed of computer graphics veterans. We have more than 30 years of experience in 3D.
Adventure VR is the result of our love for 3D and VR.


Our sister company, Syflex, was established in Hawaii in 2002, specializing in 3D and more specifically cloth simulation software. Syflex has been used in numerous blockbuster movies, from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter.


We are currently crafting the next exciting virtual adventure.
Contact us if you are interested in franchising.