VR Development

We are an independent Virtual Reality development studio based in Honolulu.
We are currently crafting our own VR escape rooms.
We also create VR applications for a variety of clients.
Contact us if you need any type of VR application. Our team can bring your vision to (virtual) life.
Or just schedule a demo and we'll show you how immersive VR can be.
You'll discover that VR is affordable and that it can be the step you need to convince your clients.

Adventure VR - Crunchy Soft(ware)
826 Queen st. #101, Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 386-3567

Reef Conservation Outreach Project

School education project where students will learn about ecosystems, food chains, environment, and climate change.

Online acupuncture class

Learn acupuncture online in Virtual Reality.

Past and Future

Discover history as if you were there.


Explore places you've never been, places you'll never go to.


Teaching Cybersecurity in the future?

Virtual visit

Design and visit stores in VR.

Be Amazed

Wear a VR headset, and step in out-of-this-world realities.

Online classes

Online classes, as if you were there.